Monday, August 30, 2010

large tote

large tote bag: $60.00 (15w X 19h X 8d)
the large tote bag good for beach trips, job sites, or just about anything.
its made with an 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester which is waterproof and mildew resistant. so in other words its ideal for a quick rinse from a garden hose or a sink if it gets A LOT of abuse and use!


  1. DUDE!! Perfect for a couple steaks, charcoal, a six pack, dog food, swimmers, fishing gear, firewood, and a beach rug. hmmmmmmm.

  2. seriously! we get so much use from ours....for the beach, full of kids stuff, pajamas for bathtime at nining's house....i used it as my carry on for our traveling this summer. it can take PLENTY of abuse. and i love it. my other one holds all my knitting gear. xoxo